Which Operating Systems Support Different Versions of STK

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QuestionWhich operating systems support different versions of STK?
Recommended System Requirements for STK​
Recommended System Requirements for STK​Engine for LINUX
Software Downloads​
 Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8Windows 10Windows 11Windows Server 2008Windows Server 2012Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2019Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS*Ubuntu Desktop*
STK 12.5    xx xxx8.520.04
STK 12.4    x  xxx8.520.04
STK 12.3   8.1x  xxx8.218.04
STK 12.2   8.1x  xxx8.218.04
STK 12.1   8.1x  xx 8.218.04
STK 12.0   8.1x  xx 7.518.04
STK 11.7  SP1 or higherxx R2xx 7.518.04
STK 11.6  SP1 or higherxx R2xx 7.518.04
STK 11.5  SP1 or higherxx R2xx 7.518.04
STK 11.4  SP1 or higherxx R2xx 7.518.04
STK 11.3  SP1 or higherxx R2x  7.416.04
STK 11.2.1  SP1 or higherxx R2x    
STK 11.2   SP1 or higherxx R2x  6.8, 7.216.04
STK 11.1.1  xxx R2x  6.6(Final), 7.114.04 LTS
STK 11.1   xxx R2x  6.6(Final), 7.114.04 LTS
STK 11.0.1  xxx R2x  6.6(Final), 7.114.04 LTS
STK 11.0  xx  R2x  6.6(Final), 7.114.04 LTS
STK 10.1.3xxxx  x   6.6(Final), 7.114.04 LTS
STK 10.1xxxx  x     
STK 10.0xxx         
STK 9.2xxx         
STK 9.1xx          
STK 9.0xx          
STK 8.1x           
STK 8.0x           
*STK Engine only
TitleWhich Operating Systems Support Different Versions of STK
URL NameWhat-operating-systems-support-different-versions-of-STK

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