Multitarget Satellite Pointing Using Nested Scheduled Vectors

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QuestionHow do I configure multitarget satellite pointing using nested scheduled vectors?
Assuming that you have a series of observation targets and corresponding observation windows, you can use a series of nested scheduled vectors to configure multitarget satellite pointing. To do this, you can use a MATLAB script to take in names of targets and corresponding observation durations. The script then creates a scheduled vector for each observation window and nests them within the reference satellites' attitude definition.

The attached ZIP file includes a scenario and MATLAB files. After you run the MATLAB script, open STK's Analysis Workbench capability and you will see the Observation vectors under Satellite. Each vector includes the To target vector as the On vector and the previous vector as the Off vector. This nests each scheduled vector to create a custom targeted vector that points at each target during the access intervals and then points to nadir when no access is available.

The scheduled vector is set as the aligned vector for the satellite attitude using the Aligned and Constrained attitude type. STK does not use target pointing, as the nested scheduled vector is used to point at the targets instead. This method creates a custom attitude profile for the satellite.

When creating your own nested scheduled vectors, be aware of potential circular logic. STK may not be able to create a custom attitude profile with a scheduled vector if there are circular dependencies present.
TitleMultitarget Satellite Pointing Using Nested Scheduled Vectors
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