Is STK Supported on a MAC?

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QuestionIs STK supported on a Mac?

STK Desktop is only supported on Windows operating systems. MAC users have a couple of options, outlined below, on how to use STK on their computers.

STK Desktop:
You can run STK on a MAC using a Windows emulator such as Parallels or CrossOver. If you attempt this route, you should examine if the emulator will take full advantage of the graphics card installed on the workstation. Typically, the graphics settings in the emulator environment default to a lower version of the OpenGL setting available for the Windows OS in the emulator configuration. Certain actions, such as loading high-resolution imagery, terrain, or 3D models (with high pixel counts or large amounts of 3D models) into the STK application, will need a system with significant OpenGL support, memory, and processing power. Also, make sure the graphics card driver is up to date. Please refer to theĀ 
STK System Requirements to make sure that the computer meets the necessary requirements to run STK.

STK Cloud:
Mac users can run STK Cloud, which will run STK in a web browser. For more information, please refer to theĀ 
STK Cloud product page.

TitleIs STK Supported on a MAC?
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