Intelsat Antenna Pattern Format

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QuestionWhat is the Intelsat Antenna Pattern Format?

Listed below is the data that STK reads; the information within the parentheses is the data type. 


Angle units are degrees, and gain values are in dBs.
Frequency units are MHz.
The description may be on the first line after the line 1 data or on the second line.
The Phi, Theta data (listed as line 3) should be on a new line after the description.

The format is as below:  

Line 1:

Series (integer), Beam (string), Frequency (Float), Beam_Theta (Float), Beam_Phi (Float) 

Line 2:

Description (String) 

Line 3:

Start_Phi (Float), End_Theta (Float), End_Phi (Float), Start_Theta (Float), Num_Phi (integer), Num_Theta (integer) 

Line 4 and subsequent lines for all gain matrix values. You can place two or more values on a single line.

Gain values (float) (dB) 

See the STK Help documentation for the Intelsat Antenna Pattern format.

TitleIntelsat Antenna Pattern Format
URL NameIntelsat-Antenna-Pattern-Format

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